Trust in God

The following citations from The Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy were read during the March 24, 2010 Wednesday Testimony Meeting of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Chagrin Falls, OH. After the readings, those attending the meeting are encouraged to share proofs of God's care.  All are lovingly invited to attend the 7:30 p.m. Wednesday meetings at our church. 

The Bible

Ps. 118:8,9
It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.  It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.  

Ps. 20:7
Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.  

Ps. 37:5
Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.  

Isa 35:3,4,8 (to ;)

Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees.  Say to them that are of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come with vengeance, even God with a recompence; he will come and save you.
And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness;

Ps. 141:8 mine (to ;),9 (to 1st ,),10 (to 1st ,)

mine eyes are unto thee, O God the Lord: in thee is my trust;

Keep me from the snares which they have laid for me,

Let the wicked fall into their own nets,

Isa 36:1,2 (to 1st .),4,6,8,13,14,16-18
Now it came to pass in the fourteenth year of king Hezekiah, that Sennacherib king of Assyria came up against all the defenced cities of Judah, and took them.  And the king of Assyria sent Rabshakeh from Lachish to Jerusalem unto king Hezekiah with a great army.

And Rabshakeh said unto them, Say ye now to Hezekiah, Thus saith the great king, the king of Assyria, What confidence is this wherein thou trustest?  

Lo, thou trustest in the staff of this broken reed, on Egypt; whereon if a man lean, it will go into his hand, and pierce it: so is Pharaoh king of Egypt to all that trust in him.  

Now therefore give pledges, I pray thee, to my master the king of Assyria, and I will give thee two thousand horses, if thou be able on thy part to set riders upon them.  

Then Rabshakeh stood, and cried with a loud voice in the Jews' language, and said, Hear ye the words of the great king, the king of Assyria.  Thus saith the king, Let not Hezekiah deceive you: for he shall not be able to deliver you.  

Hearken not to Hezekiah: for thus saith the king of Assyria, Make an agreement with me by a present, and come out to me: and eat ye every one of his vine, and every one of his fig tree, and drink ye every one the waters of his own cistern; Until I come and take you away to a land like your own land, a land of corn and wine, a land of bread and vineyards.  Beware lest Hezekiah persuade you, saying, The Lord will deliver us. Hath any of the gods of the nations delivered his land out of the hand of the king of Assyria?  

Isa 37:1-3 (to :),4-8 (to 1st ,),9 And when, 10 Let,11

And it came to pass, when king Hezekiah heard it, that he rent his clothes, and covered himself with sackcloth, and went into the house of the Lord.  And he sent Eliakim, who was over the household, and Shebna the scribe, and the elders of the priests covered with sackcloth, unto Isaiah the prophet the son of Amoz.  And they said unto him, Thus saith Hezekiah, This day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke, and of blasphemy:

It may be the Lord thy God will hear the words of Rabshakeh, whom the king of Assyria his master hath sent to reproach the living God, and will reprove the words which the Lord thy God hath heard: wherefore lift up thy prayer for the remnant that is left.  So the servants of king Hezekiah came to Isaiah.  #And Isaiah said unto them, Thus shall ye say unto your master, Thus saith the Lord, Be not afraid of the words that thou hast heard, wherewith the servants of the king of Assyria have blasphemed me.  Behold, I will send a blast upon him, and he shall hear a rumour, and return to his own land; and I will cause him to fall by the sword in his own land.  #So Rabshakeh returned,

And when he heard it, he sent messengers to Hezekiah, saying,

Let not thy God, in whom thou trustest, deceive thee, saying, Jerusalem shall not be given into the hand of the king of Assyria.  Behold, thou hast heard what the kings of Assyria have done to all lands by destroying them utterly; and shalt thou be delivered?  

Isa 37:14-17,20-22 (to ;),23,29,31 the,32-34

And Hezekiah received the letter from the hand of the messengers, and read it: and Hezekiah went up unto the house of the Lord, and spread it before the Lord.  And Hezekiah prayed unto the Lord, saying, O Lord of hosts, God of Israel, that dwellest between the cherubims, that art the God, even thou alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth: thou hast made heaven and earth.  Incline thine ear, O Lord, and hear; open thine eyes, O Lord, and see: and hear all the words of Sennacherib, which hath sent to reproach the living God.  

Now therefore, O Lord our God, save us from his hand, that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that thou art the Lord, even thou only.  #Then Isaiah the son of Amoz sent unto Hezekiah, saying, Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, Whereas thou hast prayed to me against Sennacherib king of Assyria: This is the word which the Lord hath spoken concerning him;

Whom hast thou reproached and blasphemed? and against whom hast thou exalted thy voice, and lifted up thine eyes on high? even against the Holy One of Israel.  

Because thy rage against me, and thy tumult, is come up into mine ears, therefore will I put my hook in thy nose, and my bridle in thy lips, and I will turn thee back by the way by which thou camest.  

the remnant that is escaped of the house of Judah shall again take root downward, and bear fruit upward: For out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant, and they that escape out of mount Zion: the zeal of the Lord of hosts shall do this.  Therefore thus saith the Lord concerning the king of Assyria, He shall not come into this city, nor shoot an arrow there, nor come before it with shields, nor cast a bank against it.  By the way that he came, by the same shall he return, and shall not come into this city, saith the Lord.  

Isa 38:4,5 (to 4th ,),6,7
Then came the word of the Lord to Isaiah, saying, Go, and say to Hezekiah, Thus saith the Lord, the God of David thy father,

And I will deliver thee and this city out of the hand of the king of Assyria: and I will defend this city.  And this shall be a sign unto thee from the Lord, that the Lord will do this thing that he hath spoken;

Ps. 73:28 it

it is good for me to draw near to God: I have put my trust in the Lord God, that I may declare all thy works.  

Ps. 18:2

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.  

Ps. 125:1

They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.  

Prov. 3:5,6
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.  

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

by Mary Baker Eddy

SH 444:10
Step by step will those who trust Him find that "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

SH 29:7-10
Christian experience teaches faith in the right and disbelief in the wrong.  It bids us work the more earnestly in times of persecution, because then our labor is more needed.

SH 23:21-24:2
In Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and English, ^faith^ and the words corresponding thereto have these two definitions, ^trustfulness^ and ^trustworthiness^.  One kind of faith trusts one's welfare to others.  Another kind of faith understands divine Love and how to work out one's "own salvation, with fear and trembling."  "Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief!" expresses the helplessness of a blind faith; whereas the injunction, "Believe . . . and thou shalt be saved!" demands self-reliant trustworthiness, which includes spiritual understanding and confides all to God.

The Hebrew verb ^to believe^ means also ^to be firm^ or ^to be constant^.  This certainly applies to Truth and Love understood and practised.

SH 379:6
The real jurisdiction of the world is in Mind, controlling every effect and recognizing all causation as vested in divine Mind.  

329:21 Principle

Principle is imperative.  You cannot mock it by human will.  Science is a divine demand, not a human.  Always right, its divine Principle never repents, but maintains the claim of Truth by quenching error.  The pardon of divine mercy is the destruction of error.  If men understood their real spiritual source to be all blessedness, they would struggle for recourse to the spiritual and be at peace; but the deeper the error into which mortal mind is plunged, the more intense the opposition to spirituality, till error yields to Truth.  

SH 304:30
So man, not understanding the Science of being,--thrusting aside his divine Principle as incomprehensible,--is abandoned to conjectures, left in the hands of ignorance, placed at the disposal of illusions, subjected to material sense which is discord.  A discontented, discordant mortal is no more a ^man^ than discord is music.  

SH 523:3-7
Because of its false basis, the mist of obscurity evolved by error deepens the false claim, and finally declares that God knows error and that error can improve His creation.  Although presenting the exact opposite of Truth, the lie claims to be truth.

SH 428:8-12
To divest thought of false trusts and material evidences in order that the spiritual facts of being may appear,--this is the great attainment by means of which we shall sweep away the false and give place to the true.

SH 476:9-10
God is the Principle of man, and man is the idea of God.

SH 522:31-1
Does the unerring Principle of divine law change or repent?  It cannot be so.

SH 64:27-29

Let not mortals permit a disregard of law which might lead to a worse state of society than now exists.

SH 39:25

To break this earthly spell, mortals must get the true idea and divine Principle of all that really exists and governs the universe harmoniously.  This thought is apprehended slowly, and the interval before its attainment is attended with doubts and defeats as well as triumphs.  

SH 28:32-29:6
There is too much animal courage in society and not sufficient moral courage.  Christians must take up arms against error at home and abroad.  They must grapple with sin in themselves and in others, and continue this warfare until they have finished their course.  If they keep the faith, they will have the crown of rejoicing.

SH 22:14-22

If your endeavors are beset by fearful odds, and you receive no present reward, go not back to error, nor become a sluggard in the race.  
When the smoke of battle clears away, you will discern the good you have done, and receive according to your deserving.  Love is not hasty to deliver us from temptation, for Love means that we shall be tried and purified.

SH 530:5-6

In divine Science, man is sustained by God, the divine Principle of being.

God never ordained a material law to annul the spiritual law.  If there were such a material law, it would oppose the supremacy of Spirit, God, and impugn the wisdom of the creator.

Science shows that material, conflicting mortal opinions and beliefs emit the effects of error at all times, but this atmosphere of mortal mind cannot be destructive to morals and health when it is opposed promptly and persistently by Christian Science.

SH 444:13-19
Students are advised by the author to be charitable and kind, not only towards differing forms of religion and medicine, but to those who hold these differing opinions.  Let us be faithful in pointing the way through Christ, as we understand it, but let us also be careful always to "judge righteous judgment," and never to condemn rashly.

SH 1:11
Desire is prayer; and no loss can occur from trusting God with our desires, that they may be moulded and exalted before they take form in words and in deeds.  

SH 224:29-225:13

The power of God brings deliverance to the captive.  No power can withstand divine Love.  What is this supposed power, which opposes itself to God?  Whence cometh it?  What is it that binds man with iron shackles to sin, sickness, and death?  Whatever enslaves man is opposed to the divine government.  Truth makes man free.
You may know when first Truth leads by the fewness and faithfulness of its followers.  Thus it is that the march of time bears onward freedom's banner.  The powers of this world will fight, and will command their sentinels not to let truth pass the guard until it subscribes to their systems; but Science, heeding not the pointed bayonet, marches on.  There is always some tumult, but there is a rallying to truth's standard.

SH 223:14-32
  The question, "What is Truth," convulses the world.  Many are ready to meet this inquiry with the assurance which comes of understanding; but more are blinded by their old illusions, and try to "give it pause."  "If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch."

The efforts of error to answer this question by some ^ology^ are vain.  Spiritual rationality and free thought accompany approaching Science, and cannot be put down.  They will emancipate humanity, and supplant unscientific means and so-called laws.  

Peals that should startle the slumbering thought from its erroneous dream are partially unheeded; but the last trump has not sounded, or this would not be so.  Marvels, calamities, and sin will much more abound as truth urges upon mortals its resisted claims; but the awful daring of sin destroys sin, and foreshadows the triumph of truth.  God will overturn, until "He come whose right it is."

SH 228:17
Dropping their present beliefs, they will recognize harmony as the spiritual reality and discord as the material unreality.  

SH 226:14-21  
God has built a higher platform of human rights, and He has built it on diviner claims.  These claims are not made through code or creed, but in demonstration of "on earth peace, good-will toward men." Human codes, scholastic theology, material medicine and hygiene, fetter faith and spiritual understanding.  Divine Science rends asunder these fetters, and man's birthright of sole allegiance to his Maker asserts itself.

SH 225:14
The history of our country, like all history, illustrates the might of Mind, and shows human power to be proportionate to its embodiment of right thinking.  A few immortal sentences, breathing the omnipotence of divine justice, have been potent to break despotic fetters and abolish the whipping-post and slave market; but oppression neither went down in blood, nor did the breath of freedom come from the cannon's mouth.  Love is the liberator.  

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